The Act of Bravery – Michael A. Monsoor

Enlisted in the United States Navy in 2001, Michael Anthony Monsoor excelled through basic military training working his way to becoming a US Navy SEAL in 2005. He then was assigned into the Delta Platoon, SEAL Team 3.

The United States Navy SEALS

This is a special operations force which is defined as military forces of land, sea, and air. It is commonly abbreviated as US Navy SEALS.

Who Is Michael A. Monsoor?

Born in 1981, Monsoor lived in California. He spent his schooling career there graduating from Garden Grove High School in 1999.

In 2001, age 20, he enlisted into the United States Navy and began his US Navy SEAL career in 2005. During his service, Monsoor was awarded several military decorations; Silver Star Medal, Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart, and the Combat Action Ribbon.

However, in September of 2006, during the Operation Iraqi Freedom battle in Ramadi, Monsoor attempted to protect his comrades from life-threatening injuries. He covered the grenade by covering it with his body.

As a result of this brave act, he died from the grenade blast. Michael A. Monsoor was buried in a federal military cemetery located in San Diego.

As a result of his act of bravery, Monsoor was awarded the Medal of Honor in April of 2008. It was received by his parents which was awarded by President George W. Bush. The award is one of the most distinguished military medals in recognition of acts of bravery.

The Legacy of Michael A. Monsoor

The memory of Monsoor will never be forgotten as many parts of the military commemorate his legacy. In 2008, a particular class of guided missile destroyers was named after USS Michael Monsoor in his honor.

The Naval Special Warfare Center renamed the training facility as Mountain Warfare Training Camp Michael Monsoor. The US Naval Sea Cadet Corps unit became Michael A. Monsoor Battalion in California. His high school also dedicated their new sports stadium by calling it the Michael Monsoor Memorial Stadium.

We salute this incredibly gallant young man who was prematurely taken from this world. May your legacy continue to live on.

The Lowdown on the Afghan East Status Report

The Afghan East Status Report has been published twice which discussed the tragic effects of Taliban and government forces fighting the Afghanistan war which still continues today. The 2017 report indicated that from 2016 onwards, thousands of civilians have either been killed or severely injured.

The Effects of the Afghan War

Status Report of 2017

The Taliban are said to have been responsible for about 61% of the casualties as well as the government forces held responsible for 23%. Up until 2016, the Taliban increased in the recruitment of child soldiers with the assistance of the Afghan Local Police and the Afghan National Police despite this being illegal. This practice resulted in civilians suffering from psychological disorders with no access to sufficient mental health services.

The abuse of military purposes in schools by the Taliban and the Afghan National Security Forces deprived a great number of young females of the right to education.

During this period, it was also reported that female public officials continued to receive death threats in Afghanistan resulting in several resignations from these officials. Numerous attempts to change legislature regarding several social issues were never finalized. However, one Afghan law which was implemented was the prosecution of same-sex sexual conduct with the focus on the LGBT community.

Status Report of 2018

High numbers of civilian deaths caused by the Afghan government and Taliban forces were reported in 2017. Nine months into 2017 saw over 7500 civilians either killed or wounded from war-related attacks. This included a majority of children. Over 700 women were wounded and another 200 and more killed as a result of suicide bombings and aircraft strikes.

Throughout this period was a significant increase of over 200 000 refugees which put the total of the nation’s refugee status at over a million people. One of the deadliest attacks occurred in Kabul which resulted in over 90 civilians killed and over 500 wounded from a truck bomb.

The Sexual Conduct Law implemented in prior years changed in 2017. The revised law stipulated that same-sex sexual conduct, as well as sex before marriage, resulted in up to 15 years imprisonment.

2008 Vice President Nominee – The Sarah Palin Bandwagon

Sarah Palin was born in 1964 and today she is an American politician, commentator, author, and TV personality. Between 2006 and 2009, she was the Governor of Alaska, a first for Alaska as years prior there had never been a female governor. Sarah has been a Republican since 1982.

Political Campaigning

Joining Forces

During 2008, Palin was selected by John McCain to join his presidential campaign as a nominee for Vice President at the Republican National Convention. The campaign thus became the McCain-Palin campaign.

This lead to a media frenzy of negative publicity with media scrutinizing every aspect of Palin’s personal life and political records. A majority of the media reported she was not qualified for the job of Vice President. 

The McCain-Palin campaign lost the November 2008 election for Vice President to the Obama-Biden campaign. However, this did not stop McCain stating that Palin was one of the very best campaigners he’d ever worked with.

During the McCain-Palin campaign rallying for Vice President, the voting population expressed concern over Palin completely disregard in important social issues which required attention. Reports indicated that Palin was more interested in political conspiracy theories.

Post-Election Politics

In 2011, Palin was reported to have said that it was time America had a woman as a president. Above all, she expressed her views on the social issues of America by revealing she opposed same-sex marriage including abortion, rape, and incest amongst others.

However, her support of gun safety youth education contradicts her opposing banning semi-automatic assault guns. She also stated that she supported capital punishment which is the death penalty.

The Political Writer

Palin is the author of four notable books; Going Rogue: An American Life, I Hope Like Heck, Sweet Freedom: A Devotional, Good Tidings and Great Joy Protecting the Heart of Christmas. The controversy surrounding Palin’s rallying bandwagon of supporters who did not find her beliefs unusual has always been bait for negative media coverage.

She may have an outstanding political record today but what does that mean for the future politics of the United States of America?