About Me


The Northshore Journal is a personal blog focused primarily on the development of the United States of America with issues such as poverty, politics, and a tribute to one brave army member who died in the line of fire as an act of valor.

Throughout the site, you will find posts related to the lowest poverty rates recorded in 2008. Other topics covered look at the political career of Sarah Palin, the former Governor of Alaska, as well as an interesting take on the annual Afghan East Status Report.

Everyone has the right to freedom of speech and opinion and so this is what this website is about. Let the freedom of a personal outlook be a reflection of what people need and want for the country of America. People need to be heard and seen. This includes the majority of votes from the citizens who are fighting for an acknowledgment of social issues and the solutions thereof.

If you would like to send us any content suggestions or have any general inquiries, please send an email at support@northshorejournal.org. Alternatively, you can call on us 905-615-435.