Anti-Theft Backpack – Protection From Weather And Impactsv

An anti-theft backpack is a backpack provided with anti-theft features. In addition to this, backpack you choose should offer some protection against inclement weather and UV radiation.  Nobody wants their valuables, passport or electronics to get ruined in a sudden downpour because their backpack couldn’t deal with the rain. Likewise you don’t want a backpack that slowly disintegrates over time from exposure to UV radiation.

Let us discuss some factors you need to consider when buying a a backpack that will protect your valuables:

Water-Proof Material:

anti theft backpack with power bank usb collectionAn anti-theft backpack usually made from polyester material or nylon or plastic with PVC coating. Other fabrics which are water-resistant are Polyurethane or Silicone to improve upon their natural water resistance.  Similarly, leather backpacks can be water-resistant if the leather has been waxed or coated.

UV resistance is another feature but they are not considered as important as water resistance. Even for UV resistance nylon and Kevlar are best materials to protect UV sensitive materials.

Physical Protection:


Again, the type of material that the bag is manufactured from is so important for protection from knocks and impacts.  This is to protect your backpack from thieves and sometimes thieves may try to cut your bag or slash it with ease in such a situation quality of material is most important. Check for materials like Polyester, nylon or polyurethane.


This is where the padding comes in again. Padding on the back and any other areas of the backpack not only makes it comfortable to wear, but also protects fragile contents from unavoidable knocks and falls during the journey. Choose a backpack with lots of padding.

Laptop Sleeve:

A foam protector is most important for carrying electronic gadgets. A padded laptop sleeve is an important feature to look for if you carry a laptop on the road. This will give added physical protection to your valuable laptop.

Shoulder Straps:

Comfortable backpacks have wide, curved outer shoulder straps with plenty of padding or foam padding to distribute the weight evenly to your shoulders. Cushioning of the shoulder straps is particularly important if the pack has no hip belt. Shoulder straps should also be fully adjustable to allow you to wear the bag in the way you feel best. Thus, there is no need to worry about getting back pain or shoulder pain of carrying huge things.

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