2008 Vice President Nominee – The Sarah Palin Bandwagon

Sarah Palin was born in 1964 and today she is an American politician, commentator, author, and TV personality. Between 2006 and 2009, she was the Governor of Alaska, a first for Alaska as years prior there had never been a female governor. Sarah has been a Republican since 1982.

Political Campaigning

Joining Forces

During 2008, Palin was selected by John McCain to join his presidential campaign as a nominee for Vice President at the Republican National Convention. The campaign thus became the McCain-Palin campaign.

This lead to a media frenzy of negative publicity with media scrutinizing every aspect of Palin’s personal life and political records. A majority of the media reported she was not qualified for the job of Vice President. 

The McCain-Palin campaign lost the November 2008 election for Vice President to the Obama-Biden campaign. However, this did not stop McCain stating that Palin was one of the very best campaigners he’d ever worked with.

During the McCain-Palin campaign rallying for Vice President, the voting population expressed concern over Palin completely disregard in important social issues which required attention. Reports indicated that Palin was more interested in political conspiracy theories.

Post-Election Politics

In 2011, Palin was reported to have said that it was time America had a woman as a president. Above all, she expressed her views on the social issues of America by revealing she opposed same-sex marriage including abortion, rape, and incest amongst others.

However, her support of gun safety youth education contradicts her opposing banning semi-automatic assault guns. She also stated that she supported capital punishment which is the death penalty.

The Political Writer

Palin is the author of four notable books; Going Rogue: An American Life, I Hope Like Heck, Sweet Freedom: A Devotional, Good Tidings and Great Joy Protecting the Heart of Christmas. The controversy surrounding Palin’s rallying bandwagon of supporters who did not find her beliefs unusual has always been bait for negative media coverage.

She may have an outstanding political record today but what does that mean for the future politics of the United States of America?

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