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Zika in Florida May Now Be Local

The July 27 report from the Florida Department of Health contained the news that an additional two cases of Zika viral illness are being investigated by public health authorities as non-travel related. The total for the state is now four such cases. The DoH has not confirmed if the four patients contracted their illnesses through local transmission of the virus, through sex or by some other means.

As of this report, Florida has seen 328 cases of Zika in 29 counties. An additional 53 pregnant women with the illness have been identified by the DoH but their county is not being revealed.

Miami-Dade County accounts for 96 of the 328 cases, followed by Broward with 55 and Orange County with 40. All of the other counties, at this time, have reported less than 20 cases each. The four non-travel cases are in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

The weekly arbovirus report for July 23 identifies the top five sources of imported Zika illnesses as:

  1. Dominican Republic – 74 cases
  2. Puerto Rico – 66 cases
  3. Honduras/Guatemala, Jamaica – 38 cases
  4. Colombia – 29 cases
  5. Nicaragua – 23 cases
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