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The 2015 Christmas letter

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our friends and family. Here’s hoping that 2016 is a great year.

We lost our two oldest cats, weeks apart, at the beginning of the year. A short time later, Linda suffered a cardiac event (google “Broken Heart Syndrome”) but recovered completely. 2015 began sadly for us but has improved.

Our two remaining babies, Pebbles and Sarah, are spoiled beyond belief. Sarah sleeps with Linda, covered with a blanket every night. Pebbles sleeps with Chuck, to ensure that she gets petted, nose rubs and cuddles galore.

Chuck learned, in Dec. 2014, that he was an adult with Aspergers. A great deal of effort, testing and insurance co-pays went into the diagnosis. It does explain a great deal for him. In many ways, he feels like he has been reborn.

He continues his freelance journalism. His pieces appear regularly on and on The Examiner pieces are medically related and the other site covers news concerning security clearances issues for Federal employees.

Chuck has a website with a number of stories from the family’s history. If you know anyone named Ferris, they may enjoy the site: .

Linda is doing well with her health, despite the problems in February. All her physicians are pleased.

God bless all of you this Christmas and for the New Year.
Chuck, Linda, Pebbles and Sarah

Updated: December 14, 2015 — 2:36 pm
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