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In recent months, American losses in Iraq and the toll taken on civilians have been in the news. No one seems to be keeping track of the deaths of our enemies. So, I will.

I have created a page called Terrorist Death Watch on which I will be tracking the losses taken by our terrorist enemies. I began the count as of November 1, 2006, to pick a date.

What you will find at this site will be the date of the fight, the location and the cost to our enemies. I will cite the source, which will primarily be the United States military or NATO. It is unlikely that locals will be as reliable so I will exclude their reports. I will also not use news reports from Chinese or Kuwaiti media since they appear to report, on a regular basis, events that I cannot find described anywhere else.

Is this especially bloodthirsty? I don’t think so since so many of the old media have chosen to run as an on-going feature a listing of our losses in the War on Terror. One of the reasons that so many Americans see the War in negative terms is that the media is only presenting one side of the story.

I’ve featured many, many accounts of the good that our troops have done on this blog. I have featured our heroes from the War. Now I shall try to present the cost that our enemies are paying every day in their efforts to enslave and conquer and destroy freedom.

Updated: June 26, 2007 — 1:09 pm
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