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Tea Party Turnout Nationwide

This is 2009 information.


UPDATE: 4-17-2009 20:00

UPDATES marked *** and notes on them will follow the table.

The massive number of Tea Party protests held on Tax Day are over. While the counts are unofficial, there are some numbers available.

The city counts for the nationwide Tea Party protests yesterday can be found at Freedom Press. I have used their numbers as of 5:30 yesterday.

Please feel free to check my addition, and totals. I tried to see what Pajamas TV had but their site is blank at this moment. It appears as if this list is short about 250 protests.

Alabama 5 11,800
Alaska 2 1,500
Arizona *** 7 17,300
Arkansas *** 5 11,500
California 16 40,400
Colorado 8 14,670
Connecticut 4 7,150
Delaware 1 500
Florida 8 10,900
Georgia *** 14 26,300
Hawaii 1 500
Idaho 3 5,800
Illinois 6 8,300
Indiana 4 10,750
Iowa *** 4 4,500
Kansas *** 12 18,390
Kentucky 3 4,250
Louisiana 3 7,400
Maine 1 300
Maryland 3 2,600
Massachusetts 2 3,300
Michigan 6 6,450
Minnesota 3 10,900
Mississippi 3 2,850
Missouri *** 6 17,200
Montana 4 1,060
Nebraska 2 2,700
Nevada 3 7,075
New Hampshire 4 3,900
New Jersey *** 11 4,710
New Mexico 2 3,500
New York *** 29 27,205
North Carolina 11 9,850
North Dakota 0 0
Ohio 8 20,730
Oklahoma 7 8,710
Oregon 3 3,780
Pennsylvania 7 3,850
Rhode Island *** 2 4,000
South Carolina 1 6,000
South Dakota *** 2 1,600
Tennessee 4 15,500
Texas 18 64,100
Utah 2 2,200
Vermont 1 900
Virginia 5 6,800
Washington State 9 18,200
West Virginia 3 1,174
Wisconsin 5 9,600
Wyoming *** 7 2,136
District of Columbia 1 1,000
TOTAL U.S. 278 475,820

Arizona updated by e-mail report.
Arkansas updated from comments.
Georgia updated from comments.
Iowa updated from comments.
Kansas and Missouri updated and corrected from comments.
New Jersey updated from comments.
New York updated by e-mail report.
Rhode Island updated from comments.
South Dakota updated from comments.
Wyoming updated by e-mail report.

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  1. The ones I know of in MO are not reported on that list. I know of 5 in within a 100 mile area in Arizona that are not listed…with attendance of 6,000+ total. Your numbers are low. There is one photograph, not even the entire crowd in Jefferson MO, that shows more than the 500 listed on that report.
    I estimated 1,500,000 but ramussen reports 25% of the entire adult population personally knows a person who attended..That could mean 2,500,000 easily.
    There is a photo of the crowd that turned out for Obama Earth Day in Iowa City estimated to be 10,000 and it is miniscule compared to the size of the crowd pictures that were posted for Des Moines Tea Party. There were many many parties with crowds of 1,000 plus..Yakima WA 1,000, Yuma AZ 1500 and the list goes on and on and on… Prescott Valley AZ 3,500.

  2. Illinois had far more that 6. Very low on the number.

  3. I have to agree with many of the other responses about the great underrepresentation of Tea Party turnout. In Indiana, the state organizers had 16 confirmed parties. That mean 16 parties actually worked with and communicated to just one organizer. I’m sure there were other parties that were independent of this one organizer. I think the Indiana turnout was probably over 25,000, not the 10,000 you have listed.

  4. After doing the calculations myself, by adding up the police attendance statements at the more than 750 tea parties nationwide the total comes out to 2, 700, 000 attendees minimum nationwide.

  5. You show 3 for Louisiana. I know for a fact there were 5 within a 45 mile radius of my city. There were over 500 in a town of just over 15,000. And my city was the smallest of the 5 mentioned above. I have heard there may have been as few as 12 and as many as 20 in Louisiana. The numbers would be somewhere between 12000-18000 for the total count.

  6. Count for Maine is way low. Bangor Daily News had party in Bangor at 300, and there were two others in Portland and Augusta that had wide publicity, plus several in more rural areas that weren’t as well-publicized.

  7. I believe the count for MI is low. There were 5000 in Lansing and 1000 in Troy that I know of and there were many more teaparties held throught the state.

  8. The number of tea parties in WA state is also low, the WA link at lists 30 parties held throughout the state. I only attended the party in Richland, WA so I can’t vouch for any attendence numbers at the other state parties, but the Richland party confirmed 1500 were in attendence at one time, with people coming and going throughout the 3 hour tea party they estimate a total of 2000-2500 in attendence, but are leaving the official count at 1500 so they don’t over-estimate.

  9. The Tea Party in Paducah, Kentucky, drew 1500-1700 people. Attendees were a mix of Republican, Democrat, Independent and Libertarian. Crowd was upset about taxes, yes, but more than that, they were upset about the underlying philosophy of collectivism that drives this whole mess we are seeing today.

  10. The tea party in Athens, GA seemed to have about 100 people (personal estimate).

    The one out in Oconee County seemed to be even bigger:

  11. Thanks for putting all this together. It’s very helpful. Here’s a little extra info from Tennessee to help you fine-tune the count.

    I fear Tennessee is grossly under-reported. PJTV, for example, lists 30 tea parties for Tennessee, and the list is far from exhaustive . I attended one of the smaller ones (Tullahoma), and we had 650, most of whom are visible and countable on a single panoramic photo (

    link in comments section).

    Anecdotally, I know that some tea parties were not listed at all. For example Manchester, another small town in Coffee County, drew around 100 to their hastily organized party. I suspect there are dozens of towns like Manchester in Tennessee. Plus, there is confusion about Knoxville, which actually had two tea parties on Wednesday–a larger one drawing thousands at the World’s Fair Park, and a smaller one (still in the hundreds) downtown an hour earlier.

    While it looks like you’ve counted the few largest tea parties in Tennessee, I suspect the smaller ones added together had a comparable total attendance to the big four. In short, I suspect the count here for Tennessee is short by 10-15K. If the other states are similarly under-counted, that would add another half-million to the count.

  12. You are also way off for New Mexico. There were at least 5000 in Albuquerque. It was absolutely amazing. My kids and I attended and had a wonderful time. The rally had young people, old people, vets, families… It was a fun, happy rally and we can’t wait for July 4th.

  13. Walnut Creek, California Two events three blocks apart. 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.
    280 folks at the corner of Ygnaciao and California and 120 folks at the corner of Ygnacio and Broadway .. Hundreds of horn honks and thumbs up from the afternoon commuters.

    Both events had very peaceful and happy protesters, waving flags and home made signs. This was the real deal Jeffersonian grass roots event–no speakers- no chanting – no organizing of any kind—just folks showing up to be counted. Madison and Adams would have been pleased.

  14. Tennessee had many parties. The Metro nashville area, outside of the big Nashville protest itself had protests in each of the following communities:

    Springfield, Clarksville, Hendersonville, Gallatin, Mt. Juliet, Murfreesboro, Franklin

  15. Chuck,
    You can get to news reports and photos of the many NY State Tea Parties on my report:

    I haven’t been tallying attendees, so I’d like to link to your numbers when done.

    You list 17, I’ve already documented twice that number and some of them were big!

    Dan Maloney
    NY State Coordinator
    Gathering of Eagles

  16. I went through the web version of newspapers in NJ and here are the ones I found reports on: (note – Hackensack only said “hundreds” so I marked it as 200. I was there at 530pm -near the end- and there were at least 100)
    Newark 100
    Morristown 1000
    Trenton 400
    Vineland 100
    Hackensack 200
    Belmar 2000
    Cape May 90
    Piscataway 500
    Flemington 250
    Milltown 50
    Bound Brook 20
    TOTAL: 4710
    I still can’t find anything on the Jersey City Party that was supposed to take place. I wonder what happened.

  17. Your counts for GA are way off also. You show 5 and I know of at least 10

    Peachtree City

    Partial list here

    There were several more, really too numerous to list in towns big and small all across the state.

  18. The count must be low. I live in Massachusetts which had 8-10 tea parties but there are only 2 cited in the list.

  19. I attended the Honolulu Tea Party. THe news here is saying 500, but they are short. State Rep. Kymberly Pine and I were talking: she put her estimate at about 2,000 during the height and I think she was right.
    I can remember what the reports were for the other islands, but they were even smaller according to the news.
    Who ya gonna trust?

  20. Your count is way low for California. There were at least 6 events in San Diego County alone.

    The one we attended, in Oceanside, had at least 1500 attendees, probably closer to 2,000. Not bad for a small town turnout. There were many families with young children in the crowd, with much racial diversity. TV/press were present, but we didn’t see any significant reports today.

  21. Well, I see you have 4 listed for Tennessee. Unfortunately, that is under-reported. I was personally attended 2 (Memphis and Brownsville) for reporting, and 2 of our authors spoke at 2 (Memphis and Somerville). So that is three. Two others I know of on my side of the State that we were not involved with (so no numbers) were held in Martin and Humboldt. So that is FIVE west of the Tennessee River. I know Nashville and vicinity had 3, and Knoxville and Chattanoga makes 2 more. So, that is at least 10 that I know of.

    The numbers for the ones we were associated with are as follow:

    Memphis – between 3,000 and 4,000. The radio host broadcasting from the event estimated 3,500, so that is a good median.

    Somerville – 500+

    Brownsville – between 150 and 200.

    Nashville alone had 10,000, so I suspect your tally is a little incomplete for Tennessee.

  22. There were 12 tea parties in UT, 2 in SLC, Provo, Panguitch, Logan, St. George, don’t know for sure the others but could probably guess several. Provo had definitely over 500 people, probably more than a thousand counting comers and goers. There were several inches of rain, sleet, and snow which probably dulled turnout (especially among families with small children) a little. Many still showed though obviously.

  23. Not sure if the figures you have noted the small gathering in Joplin, MO, reported in the Joplin Globe to be a crowd of 1,000. Just about as many people as the venue could handle. The paper mentioned several others in the area as well.

  24. Here’s another resource, possibly useful as a cross-check.;page=701

    scroll down to post 703. They have, for example, three extra cities in Arizona.

    Their total’s in the same neighborhood as yours. I think we’re talking half a million.

  25. State Coordinator of Texas here – Try 80 Tea Parties state-wide. I’ve still got to collect counts from 60 of the parties and my count from the other 20 is at 63000. Predict final count of 80k-100k.

  26. We attended the Portland, Oregon, tea party, and counted those attending in rows and sections. Most people stood still and listened to the speeches. (It’s not that easy to move around Pioneer Square.) We counted 3,500. We were told there were 4,000 in Salem. Can’t verify, but there were 22 tea parties in Oregon. We think your numbers are low. Thanks for grasping the nettle!

  27. Please update for Missouri… According to the comment above:

    Kansas City- 3,000
    Overland Park- 10,000
    St. Louis- 10,000

    I believe there were rallies in Springfield and elsewhere but did not hear the numbers.
    Missouri Kicked A$$!

  28. Gentlemen,

    Your link to the city count for Seattle gives 2,000 attendees at the Seattle Tax Day Tea Party. Having been there for the whole duration of the event, and taken several photos that embraced most of the crowd, I will assert (by head count) that the population of the protest at any one time was between 200 and 300, and that there was not much turnover. Most of those folks were there for the whole two hours. I sincerely hope that this discrepancy does not apply to the balance of the cities named.

  29. Just from searching Google News it can be demonstrated that the total of 5 Tea Parties listed for Georgia is a serious undercount. The attendance numbers (in parentheses) are from news stories (usually from local TV stations or newspapers) easily found on Google News. The Atlanta estimate is from a member of the Department of Public Safety quoted in a news story.

    There was Atlanta (15,000) , of course.

    There was also Macon (600), Augusta (2000), Savannah (hundreds), Valdosta (400), TIfton (hundreds), Watkinsville (150), Warner Robbins (500), Newnan (400), Gainesville (1000), St. Simons Island (500), Roswell (?), Marietta (?), Rome (?), Albany (?), Dahlonega (?), Cordele (?), Sandersville (?), etc. etc.

    One paper said there were Tea Parties planned in 40 Georgia cities and towns. If all states were like this, the numbers were a lot higher than I realized. And even if the total numbers weren’t greatly affected by some of the smaller towns, it’s mighty impressive the breadth that these events represent. The Tea Parties weren’t just a major media market phenomenon (as many left wing protests are), but took place in small towns of every type across the land, whether media was present or not. I think that’s encouraging.

  30. You list one Tea Party for South Dakota, presumably Sioux Falls, but I attended the Rapid City Tea Party where the local media estimated the crowd at 1,000 (Rapid City Journal) to 1,500 (Dakota Voice). Spearfish reportedly had a Tea Party scheduled, but I have no further information.

    Good job putting the disparate numbers together.

  31. I was at the Sioux City Iowa tea party along with 500 of my neighbors. Held in Chris Larson Park at the Anderson Dance Pavilion on the banks of the Missouri River.

  32. In Providence, Rhode Island organizers and the local media determined there were approximately 3,000 attendees yesterday.

  33. Nice graphic, Chuck. If your collation keeps up, it will be well over a million.

  34. The Freedom Press also did not list Conway, AR….there were 300-400 people there.

  35. The Freedom Press list for NY didn’t include:
    Plattsburgh — 100
    Rome(-Utica) — 1,500 (WKTV interviewed Barry Pardee)
    Binghamton — 50
    Olean held two, one in the afternoon and one in the evening but I haven’t found attendence #’s yet.)
    Norwich — 50
    Albion — 50
    Fishkill — say three to four thousand per the news report in the Poughkeepsie Journal.

    That’s all for now.

  36. Better check Texas again. We had 70+ parties!!

  37. I was at the Tea Party in Kansas City with over 3,000 people and just a few miles away there was another gathering in Overland Park Kansas with 10,000 people. (somehow Missouri got Overland park listed under us on here and it says 5,000 but it was actually 10,000 as reported by the news).

    I jsut wanted to say that I had a great time and it was very peaceful and welcoming. I took my 12 year old because he loves politics and fully understands what is going on in our coutry right now because he loves to watch the news. I was worried that there may be some kind of backlash of protesters against us or that maybe there might be some “scary malitia people” (kidding) there, but honestly, the peopel at our gathering were some of the nicest people I have ever gathered with. Everyone was polite and friendly and just kind. It’s rare to have people be “kind” these days. The nature of a gathering that big caused you to sometimes bump into someone with your sign or whatever, but no one ever got mad or rude-in fact everyone seemed to be more worried that I was ok, rather than them and vice versa.

    I can’t wait to get more involved. I must admit outisde of doing a walk for a home for teen mothers and doing a silent candlelight vigil on the anniversary of Roe V Wade, I have never protested or anything, but the experience was positive and I’m ready to go again ASAP. This experience changed my life and made me realize I am not alone. I think more people will start to realize the truth-that we are not a bunch of right-wing zealots run by the GOP-that we are average people, who are good and kind and care about this country and the movement will grow.

  38. Sorry, but the total for Iowa is a bit low. The Des Moines Register said that 3k showed up there, the Cedar Rapids Gazette said they had about 600, and the Iowa City Press-Citizen said there were 400 on the Burlington Street Bridge (about accurate, I was there and that’s what I estimated.)

    There were other protests in the state (Marion, Sioux City, Davenport)

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