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Our Best – Staff Sgt. Muna Nur

Army Staff Sgt. Muna Nur

Being female and a Muslim could have been a double-whammy joining the Army, whose population is historically comprised mostly of men and soldiers that believe in some form of Christianity – but surprisingly, the discrimination she experienced in the civilian world was much worse than what she’s experienced as a soldier.

She credits the Army’s emphasis on cultural training for that.

“I think the majority of soldiers are trained to differentiate between terrorists and what Islam is,” she said.

Women in the Army – the WACS remembered

Annabelle Smith talks on her experiences in the Women's Army Corps

From basic training and AIT she attended a ten day school for security clearances in Fort Holabird, Md.

After her training she was stationed at Valley Forge General Hospital, Phoenixville, Pa., where she would sit and listen to individuals with high security clearances while they were under anesthesia and in surgery to insure they did not disclose any classified information.

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