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U.S. poverty

Black Poverty in America – 2010

Black poverty rate in America from 1965 to 2010

Black poverty in America is tied to two measures, the unemployment rate and the poverty rate for single mom families. Despite the existence of deep poverty in America’s black community, the historical rates are much lower than in the 1960’s. The trend has continued for the last twenty years, which saw a record low for the black poverty rate.

Poverty in America 2010 – the Big Picture

Numbers of Americans living in poverty 1981-2010

The press is making much of the actual numbers of Americans in poverty. Remember, however, that with a growing population, the numbers will increase even if the rate stays the same. Every person living in poverty matters, but it is the increase or decrease in the rate that will describe most accurately what the economy is doing.

46,180,000 Americans are believed to live in poverty according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Just over 33 million live in families and about 12.4 million are unrelated individuals. 15,895,000 Americans live in poverty in homes headed by a female with no husband present.

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