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Tsunami Debris Closing on Hawaii Beaches

tsunami debris at sea

One of the most iconic photos to appear after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan was that of a house, floating alone in the sea. The U.S. Navy photo illustrates the nature of the tsunami, which not only damaged buildings ashore but swept debris from the shore out to sea. Estimates vary on the amount of debris but KITV-4 in Hawaii quotes experts as saying it may range from five to twenty million tons.

School Survives Japan Tsunami

Cleaning up after the Great East Japan Earthquake

The U.S. Military’s role is to assist and augment the efforts and capabilities of the Japanese government by cleaning schools, providing showers and kerosene, handing out backpacks and playing music for displaced citizens.

Watabe sees hope for the children because of the role the joint efforts of the U.S. and Japanese military.

“There were 400 people huddled together that night offering encouragement to each other,” Watabe said. “Thank you for helping to clean the schools so that eventually the children can come back.”

Over 7000 Dependents Moved From Japan

The U.S. military continues to assist the voluntary departure from Japan of eligible Defense Deparment family members. To date, a total of 7,001 eligible family members, including 394 pets, have been transported in the voluntary authorized departure, known as Operation Pacific Passage. Most families choosing to temporarily relocate were transported by military contract aircraft. The few remaining family members will be transported over the next few days.

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