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Flu Epidemic Update

Pneumonia and influenza deaths we

Nearly every state has updated its health department website with the influenza case data for week 3 of 2013. Twenty states are reporting higher rates of influenza-like illnesses than the national average. At least 561 flu deaths have been reported in adults and 46 in children. In those states that report the statistic, 23,941 patients have been hospitalized with confirmed influenza infections.

Alarming influenza activity seen early in season

child misses school and activities due to influenza

Just three months into the 2012-2013 flu season, it appears that the United States will experience one of the most severe outbreaks this century. Data released by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) suggest that the annual outbreak of respiratory illness has arrived earlier, and with more severe illnesses, than at any time since 2003-2004. Only the pandemic flu outbreak may have produced more illnesses and deaths when this season ends in May.

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