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Turnkey Detection: Rapid Diagnostics in the Field

schematic showing the fluorescent signal obtained from the RNA of the MERS coronavirus

This new diagnostic device will allow quicker point-of-care testing of infected warfighters allowing for more rapid treatment and troop safety. After analytical comparisons with current CDC kits, the next step will be to gain ‘Emergency Use Authorization.’ This will accelerate the FDA development process, allowing the diagnostic tool to reach the warfighter sooner.

Current SARS Data Worldwide

Source: WHO Country  Cumulative number of case(s)2  Number of new cases since last WHO update2  Final status/ Number of deaths   Final status/ Number recovered3  Local chain(s) of transmission4  Date of last report  Australia  4  0  0  3  None  28/Apr/2003  Brazil  2  0  0  2  None  24/Apr/2003  Bulgaria  1  0  0  0  None  24/Apr/2003  Canada […]

CDC Statment about SARS

From the Centers for Disease Control The majority of suspect and probable cases of SARS in the United States continue to be travel associated, with only limited secondary spread to contacts such as family members and HCWs. Toronto has been added to the list of areas with suspected or documented community transmission of SARS included […]

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