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University of Rochester’s Censorship Campaign

Most worrisome, however, is the fact that UR allowed its students to disrupt Landsburg’s class without any consequences, despite the fact that campus security was on the scene. What happened in Landsburg’s class is a textbook example of “mob censorship,” where a group of people silence or drown out a speaker with whose views they disagree. A classroom is perhaps the least appropriate place for something like this to happen, and the fact that UR did not see fit to clear the heckling students out of the class is disturbing.

Sandra Fluke

Sandra Fluke

Georgetown law School third year student Sandra Fluke Sandra Fluke has been the center of a whirlwind of publicity and opinion making since her appearance on February 23 before the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee. The hearing was to permit Ms. Fluke a platform where she could discuss reproductive rights, the medical insurance coverage […]

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