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Air Force Forward Surgical Team saves lives

On FOB Ghazni, there are two medical facilities to treat trauma patients, the Polish field hospital and an Air Force FST. Both hospitals provide care 24/7 to U.S. service members and coalition forces. The Polish hospital is a fully-equipped hospital and can keep patients overnight if need be, while the FST is a role two facility that specializes in stabilizing patients in order to facilitate their travel to a higher level of care.

US and Polish medics work on Afghan soldiers

Designed to treat up to four patients at a time, the FST turned to others on the FOB for assistance.

“We’re only capable of handling four patients, and anything after that, we have to pull from different places,” said Air Force Senior Airman Penny Barker, a medical technician from Corunna, Mich.

Those who answered the call were 13 Polish medics, three medical personnel from the Ghazni Provincial Reconstruction Team and two medics from the Texas Agribusiness Development Team. Everyone dropped what they were doing and ran to the FST to help.

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