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Huntsville City School District
Williams Middle School
Principal: Avis Williams

C.J. Grisham is an active duty soldier and a prolific blogger. He is currently involved in a dispute with his children’s school that has turned very ugly.

Post one 10-02-2009: The school imposes uniforms in mid year, without consulting parents. Meeting on topic at school does not permit parental comments.

Post two 10-02-2009: Policy has been canceled for this year but will be implemented for next year. No parental input allowed.

Post three 10-07-2009: School contacts military about C.J. His children are pulled from class for questioning. Teachers make comments about him during class. And the school admin feels threatened.

Now, via Facebook, we learn that when C.J. attempted to exercise his rights to assemble and to free speech at a PTA meeting, he was assaulted by a police officer. His wife, Emily, also suffered injuries in the altercation. There are both video and audio recordings of the incident so it will be very easy to determine what happened.

C.J. has earned and is due far more respect than the school is showing him. As a parent, he has rights that the state and the tin pots running the schools have not been able to take from him. He has also devoted no small measure of blood, sweat and tears to defending the rights of all of the small people who see him as a threat to their dictatorship of the educators.

Let’s all keep an eye on this story. Some folks in the Huntsville, Alabama, area need to read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

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