The Lowdown on the Afghan East Status Report

The Afghan East Status Report has been published twice which discussed the tragic effects of Taliban and government forces fighting the Afghanistan war which still continues today. The 2017 report indicated that from 2016 onwards, thousands of civilians have either been killed or severely injured.

The Effects of the Afghan War

Status Report of 2017

The Taliban are said to have been responsible for about 61% of the casualties as well as the government forces held responsible for 23%. Up until 2016, the Taliban increased in the recruitment of child soldiers with the assistance of the Afghan Local Police and the Afghan National Police despite this being illegal. This practice resulted in civilians suffering from psychological disorders with no access to sufficient mental health services.

The abuse of military purposes in schools by the Taliban and the Afghan National Security Forces deprived a great number of young females of the right to education.

During this period, it was also reported that female public officials continued to receive death threats in Afghanistan resulting in several resignations from these officials. Numerous attempts to change legislature regarding several social issues were never finalized. However, one Afghan law which was implemented was the prosecution of same-sex sexual conduct with the focus on the LGBT community.

Status Report of 2018

High numbers of civilian deaths caused by the Afghan government and Taliban forces were reported in 2017. Nine months into 2017 saw over 7500 civilians either killed or wounded from war-related attacks. This included a majority of children. Over 700 women were wounded and another 200 and more killed as a result of suicide bombings and aircraft strikes.

Throughout this period was a significant increase of over 200 000 refugees which put the total of the nation’s refugee status at over a million people. One of the deadliest attacks occurred in Kabul which resulted in over 90 civilians killed and over 500 wounded from a truck bomb.

The Sexual Conduct Law implemented in prior years changed in 2017. The revised law stipulated that same-sex sexual conduct, as well as sex before marriage, resulted in up to 15 years imprisonment.

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