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Specialist Devin Snyder – KIA

Spc Devin Snyder KIA June 4 2011

Spc Devin Snyder, KIA June 4 2011

The tiny upstate New York community of Cohocton is in mourning this day, as one of America’s Best, Spc. Devin Snyder, has fallen in the service of her country. Snyder was serving in Afghanistan as military police with the 164th MP Company of the 793rd Military Police Battalion out of Ft. Richardson, Alaska.

Devin Snyder was a 2008 graduate of Wayland-Cohocton Central School. A track and soccer star for the school, her lanky build earned her the nickname “Twiggy”. Her ties to Cohocton and to the military run equally deep. Her father, Edward, is a former mayor and a veteran of the U.S. Navy. Her sister, Natasha, currently serves in the Navy and her brother, Damien, serves in the Army. She is also survived by an older brother, Derek and her mother, Dineen.

Snyder and three fellow soldiers were killed June 4 when their vehicle hit a mine near Mehtar Lam, in Laghman province, Afghanistan. Snyder had deployed in March, 2011, was was due home on leave in July.

Spc. Snyder’s family is in Dover, Delaware, to receive her body. Funereal arrangements are incomplete.

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  1. My son is currently in Mehtar Lam and knew your daughter. This has been the most difficult year of my life with his deployment and as a mother, every one of the soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines over there are ours. My prayers for your family at this difficult time. My heart just aches for you. Thank you to your family and Devin for making the ultimate sacrifice. Our country can never repay that debt.

  2. I thank you for her service to her country and may God be with your family in the coming days. Viet Nam Vet 68-69

  3. god bless you devin

  4. Godspeed, SPC Snyder, and God’s Peace be with your family.

    Thank you for your sacrifice.

  5. I am so sorry for your loss and am praying for the family and friends who loved and worked with Devin. God’s Peace~
    Mrs. W… very proud mom of Steven (USNavy) and Geoffrey (KIA Afghanistan 1-13-2010)

  6. Rest in peace young Soldier, I pray that those who’ve gone before you greeted you with much love and rejoicing. You sacrifice will never be forgotten by my family and many other grateful Americans.

  7. Went to basic and ait with Snyder she was great at what she did. She was also an amazing person. R.I.P. We will see u soon Battle…….

  8. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice, Devin. May God grant peace and comfort to her family and keep the rest of the family safe as they continue to serve our country. Prayers and thoughts for them all…

  9. May God wrap you all in his loving embrace. RIP SPC. SNYDER. YOU WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN. My love and Prayers to the Families.

  10. Thank you, Devin, and all of your family for your service to our beloved country.

  11. May God bless and comfort the Snyders in their time of grief.This is truely a patriotic family and we thank them for their sacrifices.-Allen ,716th MP’s Saigon ’68

  12. Please accept my condolences.

  13. Dear Mr. & Mrs. Snyder,

    Thank you so much for the gift of your daughter. And for her brave siblings. My heart aches for your loss.


  14. Salute, brave soldier! Thank your for your service and sacrifice.

  15. Dear Snyder Family and Devin’s friends —

    May you know the comfort of God in this great loss you bear.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Thank you for your faithful service to this great country, Snyders all.

    Our hearts are deeply saddened for you.

    An American Family

  16. God bless her soul and comfort her family for their loss. Freedom is never free and I thank God for good souls like these. michael

  17. God Bless you and your family Devin. Very sorry to hear of your loss.

    No greater Love…


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