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Rochester Tea Party a Success


The 2010 Rochester Tea Party can be found at this link.

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Click for photos from the March 11, 2009 Tea Party protest.

Click for photos from the March 11, 2009 Tea Party protest.

The Rochester, NY Tea Party protest held yesterday was a resounding success. Over 40 concerned citizens ranging in age from college students to seniors met at the Main Street bridge over the Genesee River to dump tea into the water.

Speakers detailed the historic Boston Tea Party and linked its message to current events. A short march was held, to the corner of Clinton and Main, in front of the convention center where NY Governor Patterson was appearing.

The “Fair Share” leftists were inside, out of the wind, pushing their message of punishing the successful with higher taxes. Outside, the Gadsden flag, “Don’t Tread On Me!” flew proudly along with the American flag. Signs protesting New York’s tax burden and the burden on future generations imposed by the stimulus package were held high, and passersby honked their horns in support.

Rochester Tea Party

Rochester Tea Party

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The next Rochester Tea Party is planned for April 15.

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