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Rio Grande Valley and Pandemic Flu

The state of Texas is reporting 5,372 cases of pandemic H1N1 influenza, or swine flu. 128 of the state’s 254 counties have reported cases.

22.4% of the cases are from one county, Hidalgo. This is reported to be one of the fastest growing counties in the united States and the seventh most populous county in Texas. McAllen is the largest city.

Just downstream from Hidalgo at the mouth of the Rio Grande is Cameron County, and Brownsville. Cameron reports 7.5% of the Texas pandemic flu cases.

Well upstream is El Paso county, with the city of the same name and several military bases. It reports 8.8% of the swine flu cases in Texas.

Combines, those three Rio Grande valley counties account for 38.7% of all the novel H1N1 flu cases in Texas. Harris County, the Houston metro area, has 10.5% of the reported cases with the other metro areas and counties reporting fewer cases.

Half of Texas counties have yet to see a pandemic flu case. Other than the three counties cited, the other Rio Grande counties have far fewer cases, and several have none at all.

This should be the lowest growth point for cases. Schools are out of session for another three weeks or so. The fall “second wave” will be more revealing of what pandemic flu has in store for the great state of Texas.

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