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Recycle Christmas trees for fish cover

Donated trees will be used to create fish habitat in the lake by placing fish shelters made of bundles of Christmas trees

Story by Laurie Driver

Christmas trees don’t have to go to the trash after Christmas. In fact, all those trees on display in homes and businesses across the area can be put to good use. After the holidays, complete your gift giving by donating your tree to the fish in Greers Ferry Lake.

Donated trees will be used to create fish habitat in the lake by placing fish shelters made of bundles of Christmas trees.

Donated trees can be dropped off from Dec. 26, until Jan. 14, at the Sandy Beach boat ramp in the Heber Springs area, Devils Fork Park new high-water boat ramp in the Greers Ferry, Fairfield Bay area, or Choctaw Park boat ramp in the Clinton area. Please do not block access to the ramps for those folks wanting to launch boats.

Only live trees, not artificial ones, with all the tinsel and ornaments removed will be used to make the fish shelters. Local businesses that have leftover trees that did not sell are welcome to drop off their trees as well. Take advantage of this opportunity to improve fish habitat and provide better sport fishing opportunities at our lake. It is a gift that keeps on giving!

Volunteers are welcome to help drop the trees into the lake. For more information, call the Army Corps of Engineers’ Greers Ferry Project Office at (501) 362-2416.

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