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Recovering from Hurricane Irene

New Jersey National Guard troops assist in a neighborhood flooded by Hurricane Irene.

New Jersey National Guard troops assist in a neighborhood flooded by Hurricane Irene. U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Mark C. Olsen

As Hurricane Irene slowly moves into Canada, the damage it leaves behind is immense. For Americans affected by the wind, water and other effects of this record storm, here are some resources. Some websites are of more value than others. As of this writing, only Puerto Rico has received a “Major Disaster Declaration”. The list of “Emergency Declarations”, a lower level of declaration, is at the bottom of this post.




Of Note

Federal Emergency Declarations Related to Hurricane Irene

Number Date State Incident Description Designated Counties
3337 08/28 District of Columbia Hurricane Irene Link to 3337 Declared Counties page
3336 08/28 Delaware Hurricane Irene Link to 3336 Declared Counties page
3335 08/27 Maryland Hurricane Irene Link to 3335 Declared Counties page
3334 08/27 Rhode Island Hurricane Irene Link to 3334 Declared Counties page
3333 08/27 New Hampshire Hurricane Irene Link to 3333 Declared Counties page
3332 08/27 New Jersey Hurricane Irene Link to 3332 Declared Counties page
3331 08/27 Connecticut Hurricane Irene Link to 3331 Declared Counties page
3330 08/26 Massachusetts Hurricane Irene Link to 3330 Declared Counties page
3329 08/26 Virginia Hurricane Irene Link to 3329 Declared Counties page
3328 08/26 New York Hurricane Irene Link to 3328 Declared Counties page
3327 08/25 North Carolina Hurricane Irene Link to 3327 Declared Counties page
3326 08/22 Puerto Rico Hurricane Irene Link to 3326 Declared Counties page
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