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America’s North Shore Journal is the end result of a decade of development and reporting via the Internet. It began as a “9/11” blog on Live Journal, progressed to Yahoo’s Geocities, then to Blogger before obtaining its current site. The magazine covers events along the south shore of Lake Ontario and in upstate New York (America’s north shore) while devoting much of its space to national and international events of importance.

Much of the content is provided by the men and women of the United States military. Just as old media uses news wires such as AP, Reuters or Gannett, we use the skilled services of military reporters, photographers and videographers. Much of this material is never seen in the old media, providing America’s North Shore Journal with an edge in the continuous competition for readers.

Along with coverage of our military in general, we will be featuring stories about our women warriors and immigrants to the United States in the military. We report on disasters worldwide, and in particular the role that the U.S. military has in providing humanitarian assistance and relief. Our coverage of American aid given after the Indonesian earthquake and tsunami was recognized by Reuters.

We publish a yearly series on poverty in America. We also frequently provide charts and table of economic data, such as unemployment in America.

We make no pretense of fairness and balance. In the great tradition of Pulitzer and Hearst, we will and do take sides.

This magazine supports a mix of socially libertarian and politically conservative positions. We support the teachings of the Roman Catholic church but are not an organ of the Church.

We will make factual correction within stories and note them as such.

While readers may hold differing opinions about individuals in a news story, we have no intention of changing the facts to suit those opinions. People in the news, like people in life, are complex creatures. They can be heroic, tragic or sympathetic and still have character flaws that have no bearing upon the story. We don’t care if you dislike your brother-in-law if that is not part of the story.

Comments are encouraged. We will allow most any sort of discussion in the comments on a piece if it is on topic and reasonably polite. We reserve the right to refuse comments that are rude, crude or offend the sensibilities. If we believe the comment is libelous, it will be removed. If the comment is not on topic, it will be removed. If a link in a comment is unrelated to the topic, it will be removed. Gentle mockery or fisking is, however, encouraged.

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