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  1. 4000 cases of microcefaliar this number reduced to 270 related zika in Brazil.
    cases of zika is northeastern Brazil region and not in Rio de Janeiro. Olympics will be held in winter in Brazil and the mosquitoes not play.

    Most cases of microcephaly was in northeastern Brazil representing 86% of cases of microcephaly, the places where most played transgenic mosquitoes, Were sites that had zika virus, but it shouldnt be the other way reduce mosquitoes cases and was not that happened. Northeastern Brazil is dry centuries from the time of colonial Brazil, but the mosquitoes will only play on a vast area of ??water, something that northeastern Brazil is dry year. Africa has always had zika and never had any cases of microcephaly. medication errors inflate number of Suspected cases of microcephaly in Pernambuco, zika is fraud.. no virus new

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