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Our Best: Spc. Elisebet Freeburg

Spc. Elisebet Freeburg

Spc. Elisebet Freeburg

She’s on her way home, so it’s time to recognize this young woman and the work she has done in Afghanistan. This 26 year old teacher deployed to Afghanistan as part of the 143d Expeditionary Sustainment Command, as a photographer and reporter in the Public Affairs area.

This is what her boss says about her:

Of all the tough guys in our unit, you are the only one who actually went out on an infantry foot patrol into Afghan villages, and went on at least two convoys through extremely dangerous territory during the most dangerous season in southern Afghanistan. I’m sure you will have plenty of stories to tell the kids.

Go to this link for some of the stories we’ve published that were written and photographed by this soldier.

Spc. Elisebet Freeburg

Spc. Elisebet Freeburg

We feature our women warriors in the Our Best: Military Women category. This continuing feature is intended to show the women of the United States military, and of our allies, doing their jobs in the War on Terror and doing them well.

More from her boss:

When I lost the noncommissioned officer in charge (NCOIC) that was assigned to me before the 143d Expeditionary Sustainment Command (the unit I deployed with) left the U.S., I deployed only with my Private First Class (PFC) who is a print journalist fresh out of Advanced Individual Training (the school that teaches recruits in their military occupational specialties). But, I would later learn that she was worth her weight in platinum.

My PFC, who was later promoted to Specialist, proved invaluable. During her time here, her writing has blossomed to a point where she can compete with writers from the Washington Post and New York Times.

Job well done, Spc. Freeburg!

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