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Our Best: Commander Shanti Sethi


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Shanti Sethi

Commander Sethi smiles for the camera during a press tour of the ship.\ during a port call in India.

America is truly a wonderful country. Where else would you find a female Navy officer from Reno, Nevada, commanding the destroyer USS Decatur? Did I mention that she is of South Asian origin? Oh, and let us not forget that she is a graduate of the nation’s oldest private military academy, Norwich.

Commander Shanti Sethi joined the U.S. Navy in 1994. She has worked her way up, serving in various positions at sea and on shore.

In mid March, her ship made a port call in Chennai, India. The Indian media were quick to recognize the success of a daughter of their nation and the visit received a great deal of publicity.

The Decatur has a Facebook page.

Commander Sethi blogs at a site called Adventures in Paradise. Her Twitter account is @ShantiRae.

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