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Navy assists San Francisco with dock salvage

San Francisco Dry Dock 1 awaiting disposition. The 610-foot long structure is beyond economical repair, obsolete and a potential environmental liability to the Port of San Francisco

San Francisco Dry Dock 1 (SSDD 1), built in 1942 to repair ships during World War II, has been unused and rusting for years. The dry dock is owned by the Port of San Francisco which has been looking for a way to remove it from their harbor. To assist in this effort, Congress appropriated $3M for the purpose of assisting the Port with the preparations for scrapping the dry dock. The Secretary of Defense tasked NAVSEA’s Supervisor of Salvage and Diving (SEA 00C) to coordinate with the Port for the planning and execution of the preparations.

U.S. Navy

The supervisor of salvage and diving (SUPSALV) coordinated with the Port of San Francisco to remove a World War II-era dry dock, Naval Sea Systems Command announced Aug. 15. The 610-foot long dry dock, owned by the Port of San Francisco, was built in 1942 for the U.S. Navy to repair ships during World War II and has been unused and rusting for years.

“The port had been looking for a way to remove the dry dock from the harbor and in 2009, Congress appropriated $3 million to assist with preparations to scrap the dry dock,” said Capt. Mark Matthews, supervisor of salvage and diving. “As the Navy’s salvage expert, the Secretary of Defense tasked us to assist with the planning and removal.”

The funds available would not pay for the total cost to scrap the dry dock, but covered the engineering work, environmental permitting process and the removal of two end sections that reduced the total scope of the remaining scrapping job to a more simplified and affordable one.

Work began in June and lasted about 12 weeks. SUPSALV efforts included preparing the site for dismantling and removal of the two end sections, reducing the dry dock to 410 feet and enabling the remaining portion of the dry dock to be sold and transported for scrapping.

SUPSALV will continue to provide advice on dry dock center section as requested by the Port of San Francisco.

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