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Miss USA is an Army Officer

Miss USA Deshauna Barber

Miss D.C. took home the crown at the Miss USA Pageant on Sunday night. Deshauna Barber, a 26-year-old IT analyst and Army officer, won out over Miss Georgia and Miss Hawaii, who was the runner-up.

Deshauna Barber won the Miss USA contest tonight, as the representative of the District of Columbia. Her other job, however, is a bit different. She’s not a model or an actress. She’s an officer in the United States Army.

Barber serves in the U.S. Army Reserve component of the Quartermaster Corps. “The Quartermaster Corps is the U.S. Army’s oldest logistics branch, established 16 June 1775.” These are the folks who handle the nuts and bolts, food and drink and all the other stuff that a modern army needs to operate.

She’s been serving since the age of 17. At 26, she won the pageant, works for the Commerce Department and is an officer with a Quartermaster unit at Fort Meade, MD.

Does the drive and determination needed to make a good soldier also make for a good pageant contestant? We have an entire category devoted to the women who have served with a crown on under their helmets.

Washington Post

Barber, who graduated from Virginia State University, joined the military at 17 years old. Her parents and siblings also served; her father was deployed overseas to Iraq after the September 11 attacks.

Miss USA

She commissioned as a Quartermaster Officer in 2011 and is currently a Logistics Commander for the 988th Quartermaster Detachment Unit at Fort Meade, Maryland.

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