The Act of Bravery – Michael A. Monsoor

Enlisted in the United States Navy in 2001, Michael Anthony Monsoor excelled through basic military training working his way to becoming a US Navy SEAL in 2005. He then was assigned into the Delta Platoon, SEAL Team 3.

The United States Navy SEALS

This is a special operations force which is defined as military forces of land, sea, and air. It is commonly abbreviated as US Navy SEALS.

Who Is Michael A. Monsoor?

Born in 1981, Monsoor lived in California. He spent his schooling career there graduating from Garden Grove High School in 1999.

In 2001, age 20, he enlisted into the United States Navy and began his US Navy SEAL career in 2005. During his service, Monsoor was awarded several military decorations; Silver Star Medal, Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart, and the Combat Action Ribbon.

However, in September of 2006, during the Operation Iraqi Freedom battle in Ramadi, Monsoor attempted to protect his comrades from life-threatening injuries. He covered the grenade by covering it with his body.

As a result of this brave act, he died from the grenade blast. Michael A. Monsoor was buried in a federal military cemetery located in San Diego.

As a result of his act of bravery, Monsoor was awarded the Medal of Honor in April of 2008. It was received by his parents which was awarded by President George W. Bush. The award is one of the most distinguished military medals in recognition of acts of bravery.

The Legacy of Michael A. Monsoor

The memory of Monsoor will never be forgotten as many parts of the military commemorate his legacy. In 2008, a particular class of guided missile destroyers was named after USS Michael Monsoor in his honor.

The Naval Special Warfare Center renamed the training facility as Mountain Warfare Training Camp Michael Monsoor. The US Naval Sea Cadet Corps unit became Michael A. Monsoor Battalion in California. His high school also dedicated their new sports stadium by calling it the Michael Monsoor Memorial Stadium.

We salute this incredibly gallant young man who was prematurely taken from this world. May your legacy continue to live on.

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