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Loser Says Palin Banned Books

Time is getting a lot of press over its revelation that Sarah Palin, as mayor, tried to ban some books from the local library and threatened to fire the librarian.

Stein says that as mayor, Palin continued to inject religious beliefs into her policy at times. “She asked the library how she could go about banning books,” he says, because some voters thought they had inappropriate language in them. “The librarian was aghast.” The librarian, Mary Ellen Baker, couldn’t be reached for comment, but news reports from the time show that Palin had threatened to fire her for not giving “full support” to the mayor.

Stein is, curiously, the LOSER that Palin beat in the mayor’s race. Nothing from the librarian and no cites for the “news reports from the time”.

Just a fact free diatribe from a LOSER and Time presents it as fact.

Palin would not have been the first mayor to be approached by voters and asked about the books that the library stocked. I suspect you could find hundreds if not thousands of similar stories. Even state governments and [gasp] Congress have fallen into that trap. No books were banned.

A small town mayor responded to the concerns of her fellow villagers. Just like mayors all over the world do every single day.

She did not fire the librarian. We do not know what was going on since the “news reports from the time” are not quoted or cited and the librarian was not found for comment.

This isn’t journalism. It’s tabloid trash.

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  1. “I can’t find a citation which supports her belief in creationism.”

    Actually, Palin herself is on record saying that creationism should be taught alongside evolution in public schools. I know of absolutely no non-creationist thinkers who make that request — plus, the suggestion that creationism is a form of science is just plain incorrect, regardless of one’s religious background.

    And speaking of religion: Palin belongs to a Christian denomination that traditionally regards the Bible as inerrant and infallible, indicating that she would view the Genesis stories as having factual historical value. That would make one a creationist with or without a “citation” of any sort.

    That’s about it. I consider myself a sensible American, so I’ve presented some facts. Hope they help.

  2. Mike,
    Don’t let the truth stand in your way. Check out the Artic Parliamentarian Conference recently held in Alaska to discuss climate change and energy issues, plus. There are 8 countries in this Conference plus others who attend. China, Russia, Poland, Sweden, etc. Palin attended and presented. Plus she was able to “mingle” with world nations regarding energy and climate and conservation issues. Obama has done none of this. He went on a tax payer paid “trip” and yet refused to visit troops in Germany. Google Landstuhl, Germany, Palin and you will see a picture of Palin from her visit there on July 26, 2007 – one year before Obama went. Plus, she visited the wounded. He had a workout at the gym of the Ritz Carlton plus an interview with CNN instead. Who has their priorities straight? I can’t find a citation which supports her belief in creationism. Alaska allows school districts to develop curriculum. If you visit the Wasilla town site, you can read the book challenge procedures. All schools and libraries have them. No one has been able to find a reference to her firing the librarian in past news papers. One would imagine it should be there. Don’t forget – she probably does not believe in same sex unions but she did sign the bill to enact into law the right to equal benefits for same sex couples because she felt it was the constitutional thing to do. Try going to the source rather than listen to the crap the media has been giving us. It is obvious they are gunning for her by the demands to have a paternity test for her baby, the US magazine cover questioning the birth of her son. A sensible American should see these things and demand it stop. Don’t buy into it.

  3. the source is not confirmed, however it would not surprise me if she did try to ban some books. She is a right wing religious zealot who also believes in creationism. Calling her opponent a loser is really trashy. She is not qualified to lead, nor to be be vice president, I don’t care what the GOP spins about her. Foreign policy, HA! Are you fucking kidding me? Do you really think that people are that stupid? I guess so.

  4. So just exactly which books did she want to ban?

    And I’m ASTOUNDED that someone who thinks enough about free expression to start a web site would even TRY to defend banning books.

  5. The fact that the person who made this accusation lost an election is beside the point. It has been verified by other townspeople. The point is, she attempted to have books banned in the local library, and then tried to fire the librarian when she refused to ban the books. Sarah Palin is nothing but a lowlife piece of trailer trash, and no amount of justification will change this fact.

    Now, if you want a piece of trailer trash in the White House, fine. This hasn’t happened since Andrew Jackson. But I will say that if you truly want this, the only LOSER is you.

  6. Actually, Bob, book-banning happens with heartbreaking regularity in the US. The American Library Association actually publishes its own lists about books that have been banned and sponsors a nationwide “Banned Books Week” in the last week of September every year to raise awareness about the fact that it DOES happen, even here in our supposedly free country.

    Obviously I’m not condoning banning books; it’s actually and issue I care about quite a bit, but I’m just pointing out that it does happen, and it should be stopped, whether Palin is involved or not. A country that doesn’t have free press and free speech is, quite simply, not a free country. You’re right. It IS a big deal, and it needs to be treated as such.

  7. No, you would be incorrect about the regularity of book banning in the United States. This is the United States, not Iran, or China, or Afghanistan under Taliban rule. We don’t ban books or censor speech here. And when we find out about it, its a big deal. This is going to be rough for Palin, and we are going to make sure of it.

  8. As a far-left democrat, I admit that the press has been quick to accuse Palin of a lot of things over the past few days. Part of this is because she was such a relative unknown to the majority of the country, so any new piece of information about her is head line news (I’ve seen just as many articles talking about her husband’s snowmobile races as I have about her ethics complaints). Everything Palin is novel and therefore, newsworthy.

    But what surprises me so much, is your and other conservatives insistence on defending her before you find out the truth. I consider banning books a major step towards an authoritarian government and I, for one, would like to know if this report is true. You’re correct when you say that the Times report is vague and I would like to see a follow-up that gives more information to either discredit or support this claim.

    But for some reason, conservatives like yourself are being so quick to defend her and attack the media, that you don’t even seem to want to find out the truth…you just want the reporters to shut up and report only good things. But we’re not in a fascist regime yet, and that isn’t how media coverage works in America. Instead of criticizing the media, maybe you should insist on MORE investigation so we can find out what the truth is and have a substantive debate based on that. (For example, if this turns out to be true, we can debate the merits of banning books. And if it turns out to be false, we can move on to her other stances the same way you do when trying to decide on any candidate).

    And, I admit, I haven’t read your archives, but I bet you didn’t criticize reporters who used a lot less substance to report rumors that Obama was a Muslim.

  9. You yourself are a writer of tabloid trash, as evidenced by your use of a bold font to describe someone as a “loser.” Considering that the “loser” was also mayor at one time, this would have made them a “winner” at one point, and by your incredible logic this means we should have believed him, at least at some point. All you have proven is that you are biased and have no place writing journalistic articles for the public. Try to be a little more fair, and do everyone a favor and don’t write anything else until you’ve figured that out.

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