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Joplin Missouri Struck By Tornado

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From May 22:
People trapped in the Elks lodge.

Scattered looting reported.

26th and Empire – two critical patients being rescued at this time.

The Salvation Army is working to respond to immediate needs of those affected. Call 314-646-3000 for volunteer info.

7 DOA at Greenbriar Nursing Home per radio traffic on EMS channel.

Jessica Waldo on Twitter with current photos. Jess Baker on Twitter with more reports and photos.

EMS command relocating to Lowes.

Field Emergency Room set up at McCauley High School. Pearl and 10th.

After the Joplin MO tornado of May 22 2011

After the Joplin MO tornado of May 22 2011. Photo by Abe Ezekowitz

Joplin radar

Just before 6 pm CDT, the city of Joplin Missouri was struck by at least one severe tornado. It is unclear at this time how many tornadoes struck the area, but reports clearly suggest more than one.

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Reports are that the St. John’s Regional Medical Center in Joplin was struck by a tornado. There are unconfirmed reports of fires at the hospital and casualties. The storm also hit in the area of Ridgeline Road, a commercial area in Joplin. People are reproted trapped at Walmart and Lowes. KOTV in Tulsa is reporting 24 deaths at this time. Accuweather is reporting thirty deaths.

US Interstate 44 south of Joplin has been closed due to the numerous cars and trucks that have been flipped by the storm.

County EMS radio traffic – Jasper County

Joplin Globe
– local newspaper

Morgue being set up on campus of Missouri Southern, south of football field.

Joplin command is at 34th and Main.

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