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Interview: CW3 Jason Hope

You’ve met Chief Hope on this blog before. He’s an American hero, winner of the Silver Star.

1. Is there one lesson from your combat experience that you would like to pass on to future soldiers?

The most important lesson is: Don’t forget the basics in which you were trained. Apply them accordingly and you will be victorious. Apply them half ass and you along with the men you serve will be casualties.

2. As a non-military person, I don’t have a clear understanding of how a warrant officer fits into the Army’s process? What type of career path is there?

We grow our own warrants in SF. The typical guy that applies to the SF warrant position has at least 3 years on a team and is usually a Senior NCO before applying.

3. A co-worker was an officer with the 10th at Camp Salerno. He has some interesting tales about the Italians. Could you share some thoughts on our NATO allies and their activities in Afghanistan?

I have no experience working directly with our Allied nations especially from the European theater. However they are at least on our side and I’m sure doing well.

4. My knowledge of Special Forces is limited after the end of the Vietnam era. How do Green Berets, Rangers, Airborne inter-relate in the Army today.

As far as interacting with other SOF units we work well together both operationally and logistically. Many ops we conducted were in fact inter agency in nature

5. I’ve recently seen news stories describing how difficult it is for returning veterans, because of the public’s not acting as if we’re at war. Any comments to share on this topic?

The difficulty about returning from overseas is not what the civilians say or don’t say. At this point in the war they (civilians) either get it or don’t! There is absolutely no impact for professional soldiers, sailors, marines or airmen. We will continue to fight and protect this great nation.

6. Any thoughts about the future of Special Forces, size of the force, potential uses, etc.?

The future of SF or other SOF units will continue to do what we are called upon to do and those are the jobs that have to get done. We are less then 1% of the overall force, conducting 90% of the real world missions.

BIO: CW3 Jason Hope, 21 years in service, 17+ years in Special Forces, total of 5 years deployed in hostile fire zones throughout the world. During this time my job has been an assistant team leader on a SF A-team.

My thanks to Chief Hope for the interview, and for his service to the United States!

Updated: May 31, 2006 — 8:59 am
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