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Democrats In Jail

Duke Cunningham has pled guilty, and it’s a sure sign, for the moonbats, that all Republicans are corrupt. Well, I’ll see your Republican and raise you two Democrats.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A federal judge Tuesday sentenced former Senate Majority Leader Charles Walker to more than 10 years in prison and ordered him to pay a $150,000 fine and $698,000 in restitution. The Augusta Democrat received 121 months in prison, and his companies were fined $70,000 in the fraud and theft case. He and the companies also were ordered to pay $80,000 in court fees.

U.S. District Judge Dudley Bowen said he wanted to “send a message to other would-be corrupt politicians.”

Walker stole at least $425,000 from a charity he created and bilked newspaper advertisers out of another $200,000, according to a sentencing report being used to help determine how much time he would serve in prison.

Walker was convicted June 3 of stealing from the charity he set up, of bilking his newspaper’s advertisers by inflating circulation numbers, of strong-arming Atlanta’s Grady Memorial Hospital into using his personnel services business, and of misrepresenting his ownership in companies doing business with the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta.

Journal Inquirer

An Enfield man convicted on a forgery charge last summer after embezzling more than $20,000 from the Caucus of Connecticut Democrats has agreed to pay a $4,000 civil penalty levied by the State Elections Enforcement Commission.
Terry M. Kelliher, the former treasurer of the New Haven-based or-ganization of liberal Democrats, also agreed to pay $3,145 in restitution to a related political action committee and not to serve as a treasurer or solicitor for any campaign or political committee, or to hold a credit or debit card issued by one, for the next four years.

Updated: November 30, 2005 — 11:00 am

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  1. I would like to comment on the Journal Inquirer article you reference about my association with the Caucus of Connecticut Democrats.

    Its unfortunate that a newspaper can paint an incomplete picture. If anyone had asked members of the past leadership while I was treasurer there would have been a different story told.

    I accepted a reduced charge of forgery in the third degree from Judge Shienblum in a one day court hearing. I believe I allowed the organization to move forward without further public infighting draging people into public battle over issues of leadership. I fell on the sword. The funds in question were never missing. Records were kept of borrowed funds and permissions were given to do such acts.

    Individuals within the organization for political reasons forced an investigation whereby incomplete record keeping painted an incomplete picture. Rather than dragging people into a public fight, I accepted the lesser charge in the best interest of the organization.

    I worked tirelessly for the organization under three former chairpersons whom would have come to my defence. My accusers cannot say the same. The only shame I feel is for some of the people I was involved. Shame on them. The organization is dead and had been for some time. My mission given by the leadership in 2000 was to revive the organization and do all possible to bring it forward. I was given a free hand and with that I did some things that were loose in nature but certainly not with malice. In that mission I brought this upon myself through infighting with certain individuals in the group. Large organizations attract members who often do nothing more than cause infighting.

    Further actions were taken with regard to the PAC I ran for the group as its treasuer. Moneys were spend and reimbursements I assumed allowed to take were deamed by the state elections inforcement div. in its investigation to be invalid. I made a restitution where no money had been taken. Inaccuracies of accounting and incomplete record keeping created a discrepancy of statute. I made a contribution (restitution)over additional personal money I spent on behalf of the group.

    The so-called restitution was a farce. The PAC never took in more than the amount I paid as restitution and even less than I paid as a fine to the state. Justice was not served.

    This was a display of a political hatchet job by a public dept that had incomplete information forced by my political enemies. I again would not put myself or the organization through a public display of infighting over leadership.

    Forgery my Ass.

    Thank you for this opportunity to comment.

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