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Jason Dunham’s Helmet Given to History

When Gibson arrived on scene, he inspected the small cache of weapons retrieved from the vehicles and noticed a piece of Dunham’s Kevlar leaning against the wall of a nearby building. Once he realized what exactly he had found, he and the Marines in the area scoured the street for any scraps of the Kevlar they could find.

Five years have passed since Dunham’s selfless sacrifice to save the lives of his fellow Marines earned him the Medal of Honor and a Navy destroyer bearing his name.

U.S.S. Jason Dunham

R News A Navy Destroyer will bear the name of the Allegany County Marine killed in Iraq two years ago. The Navy’s newest Guided Missile Destroyer, DDG-109 will be named the USS JASON DUNHAM. Dunham is the Marine Corporal from Scio who died battling insurgents in Iraq in April, 2004. Dunham dove on a grenade […]

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