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A bomb explodes, sending shockwaves up and down a ridge in the Tengay Mountain Valley, April 10.

“The report states: two tanks were hit by artillery shells and a rocket,” U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Chris Brenke, 2nd platoon’s platoon sergeant from East Dubuque, Ill., read from a printout during the mission briefing April 11. “Both tanks were completely destroyed during the fighting that lasted an hour. The report also said that four American soldiers were killed and two others wounded. I regret to inform you that four of you guys died yesterday.”

Staff Sgt. Rodrigo B. Arias Hernandez – Bronze Star with V

Staff Sgt Rodrigo B AriasHernandez

After two hours of fierce fighting, enemy forces collected their dead and wounded and departed into the mountains.

A post-attack analysis estimated the enemy force at 80 to 100 fighters intended to overrun the compound to ensure the Taliban controlled Pashad village before the next day’s election.

The citiation attributes all friendly forces’ survival to AriasHernandez’s leadership, courage and military skill.

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