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Marine pilot returns to Afghanistan in command

Lt Col Alison Thompson

She wants to take off.

“We had six 53s turning on the line. I kept calling to get clearance,” Thompson said. “The plan was we’d load supplies, embark the MEU, go up to New York City, provide any support they needed with our helicopters and go straight over [to the Middle East] from there. I kept calling for clearance to take off and at that point all aviation was grounded, civilian and military.”

Justice has been done – bin Laden Killed

Marine veterans Mike Demo and Bill Cortese

“In the end, it was the matchless skill and courage of these Americans that secured this triumph for our country and the world,” one official said.

A small team conducted the helicopter raid on the compound. An official called it a complex operation, noting that the compound was a virtual fortress -– built in 2006 with high walls, razor wire and other defense features. Its suburban location and proximity to Islamabad complicated the operation, the official said.

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