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Ancient Afghan aqueducts receive cleaning

Local villagers and Mississippi National Guard members peer into a karez from above

Subterranean aqueducts, or karez in Persian, have provided rural Afghan villages with water for centuries in a land perpetually challenged with poor resources. In many places throughout the war torn country, however, karez have fallen into disrepair. The Mississippi National Guard Agricultural Development Team is working in Zabul province, Afghanistan, to help villagers repair the problems caused by years of neglect.

Qalat adds capacity to livestock trade

An Afghan official, who was integral in the planning, believes that the coordination necessary to bring the project to fruition inherently increases the capacity of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, saying “As part of this public private partnership, the municipality worked to develop associated ordinances. As such, the project helped empower the municipality to govern.”

Giving Afghan women a voice

An Afghan policewoman shares the art of Henna tattoos with Capt. Erin Barrett

The program will seek to partner select female members of TF Ripcord with female AUP to share with them their professional and personal experiences working as military policewomen.

The Afghan policewomen stated they would like to receive instruction in community policing operations and how to effectively move and protect civilians when fired upon.

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