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Oil: Refining

Energy Information Administration The United States experienced a steep decline in refining capacity between 1981 and the mid-1990s. Between 1981 and 1989, the number of U.S. refineries fell from 324 to 204, representing a loss of 3 million bbl/d in operable capacity (from 18.6 million bbl/d to 15.7 million bbl/d), while refining capacity utilization increased […]

Movies: Madagascar

Madagascar We went and saw Madagascar on Saturday. What a hoot! Lots of fun for the pre-teen crowd, and chock full of references that only adults over 35 or so would get. Teens and twenties are probably going to be irritated at all the laughter. The monkeys could have had bigger parts, as could the […]

EMS: New Ideas

I’m working a twelve hour shift. Training staff came in around noon to talk about two processes we’re about to implement, carrying epi pens and albuterol on our ambulances. They were approve by the local REMAC but we’ve delayed beginning carrying them. Training is necessary. The meds must be kept locked up, though any moron […]

Protests: Breasts Not Bombs

breasts not bombs [SCREAMS] Dear God in Heaven, MY EYES! zombie attended and documented the Saturday, July 23 Berkeley protest march cleverly called “Breasts Not Bombs”. He took photos. He printed them. He published them. He is a bad, bad man. Having seen the protest photos, I fervently conclude that I CHOOSE BOMBS! It is […]

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