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Death: Ponderings

As Terri Schiavo slips slowly and painfully into death, I ponder a number of issues. Karen Ann Quinlan was removed from a respirator in 1975, pulling the plug is the phrase that applies. She lived, however, breathing on her own, until 1985. The Quinlan case does illustrate, as do several others, that people in a […]

Iraq: Soccer in Fallujah

good news from iraq USMC FALLUJAH, Iraq (May 7, 2005) — The city of Fallujah is slowly improving. Since the fighting stopped in November, life is returning to normal with each passing day. One sign of progress was the first official soccer game by a youth league in the northern sector of the city since […]

EMS: Clash of the Titans

EMS and Fire in Monroe County are dispatched and overseen by the county, except… if you live in one of several high population, big tax dollar locations. Then you get to have local dispatch and oversight. One of these areas is the Town of Greece. Most of Greece is covered by the Greece Volunteer Ambulance […]

Education: National Teacher Day

May 3 is National Teacher Day, a day for honoring teachers and recognizing the lasting contributions they make to our lives. We all have one, I hope. At least one. A teacher or teachers who gave you the education you needed. Two English teachers in my little school in Arkport New York did that for […]

Marines: Hi Tech Logistics

OK, given what I know about supplies and SNAFU’s in the military, this is a very cool story. I wonder if the Army is doing it, too? It’s rather like what UPS and FED EX and the Post Office do now for packages in the United States. Marine Corps News CAMP TAQADDUM, Iraq (March 15, […]

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