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Rochester NY Marines and Georgian soldiers train together

Sgt. Nicholas Maugeri teams up with Georgian soldiers to conduct Military Operations in an Urban Terrain training

Marines from Anti-Terrorism Battalion based in Rochester, N.Y., and Black Sea Rotational Force 11, alongside soldiers from the Georgian 4th Infantry Brigade practiced Military Operations in an Urban Terrain (MOUT) during Exercise Agile Spirit 2011. Agile Spirit is designed to increase interoperability between the forces by exchanging and enhancing each country’s capacity in counterinsurgency (COIN) and peacekeeping (PKO) operations, including: small unit tactics, convoy operations and counter-improvised explosive device training.

Rochester NY Soldier Trains Iraqi Troops

New York MP trains Iraqi policemen

Serving as a team leader, Quatro is the primary instructor in his squad and is an asset to the squad and company, Bode added.

“Sgt. Quatro is an outstanding soldier and a well-disciplined [non-commissioned officer],” said Bode, a native of Buffalo, N.Y. “It’s great to be able to watch how well [Iraqi policemen] respond to his training, and you can see how well they implement what he trains when they conduct their range.”

Factory Owners Association of NE Baghdad

In an open-air factory on the outskirts of northeast Baghdad, Iraqi workers diligently polish mosaic tiles with buffers, spraying water in circular, cascading waves. An Iraqi teenager sweeps the water toward a drainage ditch with a determined look on his face as the workers’ machines drone on noisily. The owner of the factory, a distinguished Iraqi man with salt and pepper hair, strides toward the wrought iron gate of his factory. With open arms and a wide, beaming smile, he greets American Soldiers and Iraqi federal police officers at the entry gate.

The factory owner, Kaled Waead al-Hahed, is happy to see the Soldiers because, being a member of the Factory Owners Association, he knows they are here to help.

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