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Memorial Day 2015

Cpl. Sara A. Medina

This Memorial Day, it is important to remember that the young men and women that we send around the world in our military give their lives to save others as well as in war. Cpl. Sara A. Medina, a combat photographer assigned to Marine Corps Installations Pacific, died in the line of duty on May 12 in Nepal. Medina was aboard a Marine helicopter moving supplies to areas hard hit by two massive earthquakes, including one that was 7.4 magnitude on that same day.

West Nile in a year of drought

Application of mosquito repellent

The Centers for Disease Control have estimated that for every case of WWND, between 150 and 250 cases of the less severe illness are contracted. That would mean between 84,000 and 140,000 Californians caught the mosquito-transmitted illness in 2014. Fortunately, 80 percent of those infected with the West Nile virus will experience extremely minor symptoms or none at all.

Year two of chikungunya in the Americas

Aedes aegypti or Yellow Fever mosquito

Public health officials had been expecting the arrival of chikungunya in the Western Hemisphere for some time so they were not surprised when cases began appearing in Dec. 2013 on the French side of the island of St. Martin. As of April 17, 2015, chikungunya had been confirmed with autochthonous (local) transmission in virtually every country and territory in North and South America. Bermuda, Canada, Chile, Cuba and Peru deny any locally contracted illnesses.

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