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Are shade balls the answer to LA’s water problems?

Los Angeles officials deploy shade balls at a reservoir.

Shade balls are the chosen answer to several problems faced by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power with their open air reservoirs in the area. The EPA has mandated that such reservoirs be covered. Sunlight has been causing a reaction turning bromide in the water into bromate. a suspected cancer causing chemical. And, in the wake of multiple years of severe drought, open air reservoirs lose millions of gallons of water to evaporation.

Genetics, Immunity and Disease


Microbiologist and science writer Jason Tetro had this to say in a recent Twitter chat “… no clinical is the norm for most ‘infections’. The immune system rids the invader before onset of symptoms.” Jason was referring to the way that the human immune system, and the associated genetics, are more than capable of handling the thousands of exposures to germs that each of us has in a day.

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