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Quantum News

Modern physics suggests that reality may consist of many, many different realities, branches where life took a different turn. If that is indeed the case, then somewhere, somehow, some when, these headlines may be true. Dancing With One Legged Stars Enters Tenth Season – Former Seinfeld cast has amputations in order to participate. Simon Cowell […]

The Movie

Point Five 6 things nobody tells you about working at disney worldBut, like with humans, some monkeys are born to cheap jerseys be leaders, and others are doomed to be punching bags. Many mid level monkeys have favorite scapegoats that they’ll pick every time there’s a need for some dickish misdirection. So whenever a […]

Bleg about Lindsey Lohan

Did anyone get a copy of the pic of Lindsey with her best friend, Annie Rexia, at the Oscars? Or the one with her new agent, B.U. Lemia? We also expect continuing engagement in The Sims 4 as players in the game receive two more rich content updates before the end of the calendar year. […]

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