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Sperm Shortage in Holland

Cause he’s got his finger in the dyke? BBC A new Dutch law preventing sperm donors from remaining anonymous has resulted in a shortage of donations. It has forced an increasing number of Dutch women to cross the border to clinics in Belgium, where anonymity for sperm donors is the norm. The new legislation has […]

The Congo, Belgium’s Eternal Shame

Orgy of killing as Congo teeters on brink of genocide From the Telegraph Wielding machetes and rocket-launchers, hordes of tribal warriors and drug-crazed children marauded through the Congolese town of Bunia yesterday, unleashing an orgy of killing and forcing tens of thousands of terrified refugees across the Ugandan border. United Nations officials warned the Security […]

Belgium, Redux

Belgium, the only country that will be going straight to Hell, is considering whether or not to charge General Tommy Franks and other officers for war crimes in Iraq.

Belgium, a country full of Phlegms and Loons, raped and sodomized (and not in a good way) the Congo for centuries and never once managed to feel any guilt.


I’ve avoided talking about Belgium, well… because it’s a pissant, unimportant speck of a country. But, the powers compel me… sonorous organ music Belgium is a country divided between the Flemish and the Waloons. The Phlegms are Dutch that are too good for the Netherlands and would rather be German and the Loons are French […]

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