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Guam still faces WWII threats

When someone finds a UXO, Barbour said the most important things to keep in mind are to not touch them and to call emergency responders, such as the fire department or security forces, immediately so EOD and the proper authorities can get to the scene as quickly as possible. Other items to keep in mind are to provide a 50-foot cordon around the area, don’t use cell phones until at least 50 feet away, and take note of the size, color or any distinguishing factors with the object.

Our Best: Following in grandfather’s footsteps

Pfc. Chelsea Draper

When she was considering carrying on the tradition of military service, Draper’s grandfather didn’t coax her at all. But when she told him she had decided to join, she could see how proud he was of her.

“He gave me his full support, calling me ‘my Soldier,’” she said.

“I miss her, and I worry about her,” Draper Sr. said. “But America needs its defenders, and I support Chelsea.”

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