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Armor inspection system ensures ballistic plates are safe

“This is actually the first fixed site with an AIS that we have where we can actually jump the mobile team right into the inspection process,” said Bruce Cardell, the NDTE team lead and a native of Lakewood, N.J. “The intent is to take a mobile team, drop them into a fixed site, process all of the plates they have, and place the plates back on the same cycle and same inspection window while at the same time taking the bad plates out of service.”

Helmet Saves 4th Infantry Division Soldier

A 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division Soldier, whose life was saved by his Advanced Combat Helmet, received a Purple Heart and Combat Action Badge here March 20.

Staff Sgt. Matthew Harvey, construction supervisor with Company E, 2nd Combined Arms Battalion, 8th Infantry Regiment, and attached to Special Troops Battalion, received the awards after being shot and continuing to return fire during an enemy attack in Najaf, Feb. 10.

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