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Army veterinarians improve health and morale in Sinai

Capt. Ashley Hydrick interacts with Lucky- a playful dog on North Camp April 6. Read more:

The Multinational Force & Observers (MFO) is and independent peacekeeping organization which is headquartered in Rome and based in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. Created by agreement between the Arab Republic of Egypt and the State of Israel it is comprised of military members and from 13 nations. Australia, Canada, Colombia, the Czech Republic, the Republic of the Fiji Islands, France, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, the United States and Uruguay contribute contingents to make up the MFO’s Force.

California Air National Guard Conducts Rescue off Coast of Mexico

Eric and Charlotte Kaufman are on board the 36-foot Rebel Heart with their two daughters, Cora, 3, and Lyra, 1.

The 129th RQW received a call late this morning from the U.S. Coast Guard concerning a seriously ill 1-year-old girl onboard a 36-foot sailing vessel, Rebel Heart. The infant requires treatment beyond the capabilities of those on board, and because of the vessel’s remote location in the Pacific Ocean and the dire need for medical care, the 129th RQW accepted the mission.

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