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SARS: Interesting Data

WHO Final Statistical Report: Communist China and Communist Vietnam had the lowest death rates of any nation with a significant outbreak, excepting the United States. 7% and 8% respectively. Compare that to Free China at 11%, Hong Kong at 17%, or Canada at 17%. Is anyone willing to accept the Communists’ numbers are anything near […]

SARS: Back in 2003?

No, not really. As I read the story, this is a researcher who got sloppy in the lab. He could still generate an outbreak but this is not SARS in the “wild”, just stupidity. AGAIN! Hard to understand the constant carelessness on the part of people working with this illness. SFgate Two colleagues who had […]

SARS: Redux

Well, they’re still hashing out the last epidemic, and making correction. Free China has done the medical forensics and their numbers drop. WHO Lowers Reported SARS Cases in Taiwan By ANNIE HUANG, Associated Press Writer TAIPEI, Taiwan – The World Health Organization (news – web sites) has drastically lowered the number of reported SARS (news […]

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