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Measles Deaths in the United States

People die from measles. People in the United States die from measles. People in the United States have died from measles in the last ten years.

There are a vast number of posts on social media that claim that there have been no death in the United States from measles since… Sometimes it says ten years, sometimes 2004 and sometimes the claim is for another recent period. All of those claims are false.

Measles in the United States

This is the latest data on the outbreaks of measles in the United States in 2015. The illnesses tied to Disneyland are noted separately. Data is unofficial.

Because the count is from mid-December, 2014, to 2015, the assignment of some cases to a calendar year is in flux. In addition, we are confirming, with some difficulty, which states will be assigned which cases. The Mitchell, ND outbreak is an example. It consists of 13 cases over both years with at least three recorded in a state other than North Dakota.

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