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Mosquito Testing at Camp Lejeune

Sailors with the Preventive Medicine Unit, 2nd Marine Logistics Group

“We don’t only rely on how many traps we lay out, we rely on the carbon dioxide and lights to help almost double the amount of bugs,” Hill said. “Malaria is a serious disease, so we need to do the best we can to keep it away from the people on base.”

The traps are rarely seen by personnel on base; sailors with the PMU do their best at hiding them in the tree line. If a person happens to run into the mosquito trap, the PMU strongly encourages people to leave them alone.

The hidden horror in the closet

mosquito biting

Nearly everyone has experienced a mosquito bite, the raised bump, the unbearable itching. The story of mosquitoes and man is a complex tale of adaptation, co-existence and far too often, a deadly illness.

The United States, and upstate New York, are very familiar with both mosquitoes and the illnesses they may carry. The ease with which the world interconnects at this time is bringing some strangers to America, new breeds of mosquito and new illnesses.

Fighting malaria with microscopes

Kenyan lab tech watches Army officer

“At our course, lab students learn skills and habits that increase their ability to accurately detect malaria on blood slides. Yet, when they return to their local laboratories, they face the challenge of changing habits and procedures,” Wagar said. “Changing behavior is hard to do.”

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