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Pandemic Swine Flu – Novel H1N1 World Report 7-01-2009

Here is the world pandemic flu report for today. It consists of the WHO report dated July 1, 2009 plus the latest reports from Australia, Canada and the United States and other countries marked in this color. The totals are those posted at those sites at the time this report was produced. Those sites will change as they receive new data. We will post a new report as we are able.

Avian Flu Update – February 3 2009

China appears to be the focal point for avian flu [H5N1] cases so far in 2009. Of 9 reported cases, 7 are from China. Nearly all are reported to have had contact with poultry.

In Third World nations, especially rural regions, when livestock become sick, the rush is to slaughter them and perhaps use them before they die. Since H5N1 is primarily transmitted through contact with infected poultry, this means that every sick bird is a tiny hotspot of infection.

Avian Flu Update for 1-21-2009

That said, the WHO recognizes the difficulty of delivering vaccines to rural, remote regions. Some of the cases in Indonesia could only be reached on donkey back, for example. The polio outbreak in 2006 and 2007 that was caused by Islamic teachers in Nigeria refusing to allow vaccinations to take place suggests yet another reason that WHO plans for the Third World will have to be vastly different than those for the West.

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